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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is my car drivable?
There are multiple cases where your vehicle may not be drivable.

  • Broken headlights/taillights

  • Vehicle not running

  • Windows broken

  • Side mirrors broken

  • Something hanging off the vehicle that would be obstructing driving

  • Pushed back hood / open hood

  • Suspension issues 

  • Flat Tire


How do I get a rental?
Once we set up a drop off appointment, you'll want to call your insurance company and tell them you will be dropping of on (drop off date) and you will need a rental. The insurance company will give you a reservation number. Once you get the reservation number, we work directly with Enterprise on New Street in Cambridge. Give them a call and give them the drop off date and reservation number. 
When you come to drop off your vehicle, we will give them a call and they will come over to bring you to their office.

What do I do with my rental when my vehicle is done?

You can bring the rental right back to our shop when you come to pick up your vehicle.! We will take care of it from here

How do I get an estimate?
Come by the shop any time Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM or Saturday 8AM to 5PM and we can write an estimate for you! If you are going through insurance, give us a call!

We cannot do an estimate over phone or with just pictures. We have to see the damage in person to get the accurate damage


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